Dear Kairos prayer movers:

I thank you for your ministry of intercession for us struggling leaders in the National Youth Missions Movement (NYMM). Even if we do not see you praying, we are counting on you to lift us up during this difficult hour. Our counterpart team in Bacolod certainly appreciates your prayers for meeting their financial obligations of more than P130,000 right after the congress. It has been reduced to P72,000! Nevertheless, they cannot do their full-blown evaluation as congress staff and organizers until they pay all their bills. And their numbers are dwindling because of this.

Based on the latest email I received from Leah Aguirre, our coordinator for NYMM in Bacolod, these are their prayer requests:

  1. They be able to pay all their debts within next week (Feb 12-16).
  2. Pray for Ken Atonson, the Congress chairman, and Leah Aguirre, their lead mentor, that they find ways to augment their own finances. Ken has to pay for a $2000 obligation that his parents left with him (they are missionaries in Africa now and Ken is the only family member left in the Phils) while Leah is suffering from menopausal syndrome. Her husband is also looking for a new place of work.
  3. Volunteers to do the follow-up of the delegates as they start categorizing the decisions and communicating with them. Many volunteered just for the congress and not for the movement. Pray that there will be congress volunteers who will still help with the follow-up. Many are students who are focusing on their studies and those who have graduated are pressured to look for a job.
  4. Pray for volunteers gifted in communication, administration and coordination to help in follow-up.
  5. Pray that they find an office where they can meet, discuss, make and file reports.
  6. Pray that God would bless the businesses and jobs of those who contributed financially to the congress preparations. Special mention goes to Ping Catalan. People like him have sacrificed their income and other resources in organizing the congress.

Thank you very much!