A testimony by Evans Canson, CWMC Batch 3, Cosmo Dormitory resident

An Eye-Opener

At first, it was just curiosity that impelled me to attend CWMC.  I wanted to know and understand more what world mission really is.  But the course far exceeded my expectations.  It served as an eye-opener for me.  It gave me a deeper understanding of the Great Commission.  Only now do I fully understand what it means to be a Christian, and my role in fulfilling God’s plan of redeeming this fallen world.

Christian life is not meant to be lived simply in the mind.  God blesses us with salvation and that blessing must be shared with others, not only with those of our own kind, but with the rest of the world, cross-culturally, especially the “unreached people groups” in order to glorify God.

Learning to Care and Pray for Others

What struck me the most was the fact that only very few Christians are working among the other major religious blocs like Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, and tribal groups.  It’s sad to know that this is so because we, Christians, fail to understand and live out God’s intended purpose for us, something that I, too, am guilty of.  But the amazing thing is that through the course, I learned to care and pray for the people most of us have neglected.  The more I became aware of the situation and my role, the more I felt drawn towards learning more about them and praying for them.  CWMC emphasizes the power of prayer.

There is More To Missions than being a Missionary

CWMC enlightened and changed my perspectives on mission.  Before, I thought that mission is about going to different places to evangelize.  Now I learned there is more to it.  Missions includes people who serve as mobilizers, senders, welcomers, and intercessors.  No one then is exempted from pursuing God’s global mission. 

I also gained new insights on cross-cultural mission.  I learned that to be a missionary, we need to have an open, trusting, and accepting outlook, humble enough to learn about other people’s culture.  We need to become learners.

In Awe of God

Most of all, I am in awe of how God works out his plans perfectly, like the significance of God’s act of confounding the people’s languages in the account of the Tower of Babel and the Holy Spirit visitation on the day of Pentecost to fulfill the prophecy in Revelation that a great multitude from every tongue, tribe, people, and land will give glory and honor to God. 

Now, being aware of all these, I have made it my goal to set my priorities right— to establish my prayer life, especially to pray for God’s leading and to make it a point to pray for a particular unreached people group everyday; to share what I have learned; and to volunteer to serve where there is a need to share the message of God’s salvation and kingdom purposes in Jesus Christ.