Wednesday, June 6

Columbia A major training event is emerging here with David Kimler (qualified instructor), *Ike Rhyu* and *JAT* for early July. Continue to pray for the preparations and the 80+ from all over Latin America who will be attending this G3x and G5 event.

Columbia – Pray for David Kimler as he is working on a 2 week schedule for *JAT* to present G3 for the end of July

Tuesday, June 5

Philippines Pray for our G3 certified instructors, *David King,**Robert Trice,* *Ariel Abidiano,* and *Buddy Bartido*, who were trained in G5 in May to mobilize Christians using both G3 and G5 for God’s global glory.

Lebanon *Joe Dib* and his wife Anesha visited his family in Beirut and ask you to pray with them about ministry possibilities for them there in the future. 

Monday, June 4

World Seminars – The names of several seminars have changed outside the USA. Pray that God will bless these tools for world-wide distribution:

G3a – “God’s Global Glory” abbreviated, formerly “Cat and Dog Seminar” – 2.5 hours

G3c – UnveilinGLORY’s Children’s seminar featuring God’s Global Glory

G3x – “God’s Global Glory” expanded – “Cat and Dog Seminar” – 5 hours

G5 – “Go, Guard God’s Global Glory – 4 hour exposition of Acts, formerly “Glory Guard”

SuperDoc – basic Christian doctrines from a divine perspective – 5 hours

Indonesia – Pray for *Gerald Robison* as he prepares to conduct UG seminars in Yogyakarta, Java, Indonesia the end of June at The Evangelical Theological Seminary of Indonesia.