Korea and the Philippines – Pacific Rim Region
June 2007

1. Regional Day of Prayer and Fasting – June 7:  This month’s Pacific Rim Region prayer focus is on the San Chay of Vietnam. For more information and specific prayer requests, visit www.go2pacrim.org

2. Korea:  The Korean Centrifuge is scheduled for this month. Over 130 students participated last year, and the sponsors are expecting the same number of campers in 2007. Please pray for the Lifeway team that will travel to Korea as most team members will be meeting for the first time on the flight from the U.S.  Please pray for traveling mercy while they are away from friends and loved ones, for wisdom as they meet together on in mid-June to make final preparations, for unity and cohesiveness as they mesh their unique blend of gifts and talents together, for strength and perseverance and, most of all, for spiritual guidance that God might be able to use these individuals to glorify Him.

3. IMB:  Give praise for the 35 new personnel who were appointed in a commissioning service in Missouri last month. Give thanks for answered prayer that these personnel responded to God’s call on their lives.  As part of their testimonies at the appointment service, all the new personnel indicated some previous overseas service, either as volunteers or in short-term assignments. Be in prayer for IMB President Jerry Rankin as he gives the organization’s report and for Bobbye Rankin who will be leading the benediction following the report at the SBC Convention in Texas in mid-June. Also be in prayer for David Garrison, Regional Leader for South Asia, as he gives a Challenge Message. Give praise for the generous, sacrificial, record-breaking Lottie Moon Christmas Offering that Southern Baptists gave this past year.

4. Philippines:  The drawings are really unimpressive and the message simple. At first the pastors did not seem to take the Church Planting Training seriously. This was true one Sunday at God Is Able Baptist Church in Taysan. As missionary Dave Daggett struggled to teach the message of the Ten Commandments in Tagalog, Pastor Eloy jotted notes on a piece of paper. After the training session, Pastor Eloy preached on Luke 9:35-36, “Pray To The Lord Of The Harvest To Send Forth Laborers Into His Harvest!” He strongly exhorted his people to become soul winners and church planters. Pray that pastors will continue to challenge their members to become the laborers for the harvest in fields where no one is going and where the fruit is yet to be picked.

5. Korea:   Praise the Lord for the recent Baptist Press report that, “One hundred years ago, American missionaries took the Gospel to South Korea. Today, more than 17,000 Korean missionaries are taking the Gospel throughout the world.”  Korean Baptists engage in mission work in their communities, nationally and globally. The first Korean international missionary was appointed by the IMB in 1987; 300 more have been appointed, mostly to non-Korean people groups. Pray that many believers will respond to God’s call to go into all the world and share His message of love.

6. Philippines:  Lift up the Magahat people on the island of Negros who also call themselves the Bukidnon people. This is the only people group in the Philippines that is not engaged. The population is just over 10,000. There is a government-related group that has kept all religions away from these people. Communist rebels are also fighting in the area preventing workers from having access to this group. Pray that God would send workers into this group. Ask that God would open the door for believers surrounding this area to go into this group. Pray for persons of peace that would help give workers access to the area.

7. Korea:   Gihwang Shin, Korean-American IMB mobilization consultant, said that the IMB has a goal of appointing 1,000 Korean missionaries by the year 2010. Pray to the Lord of the harvest to call out willing cross-cultural workers and for local churches to commission and support them.

8. Philippines:  Thank you for praying for the 20th annual convention of the Luzon WMU that met May 16-18. The theme of “Healthy Heart and Happy Feet” was incorporated into uplifting Bible studies, workshops and cheerful visual aids for the conference. Around 400 women attended the special time of fellowship and spiritual renewal. Give praise for the enhanced and expanded prayer calendar entitled WMU Prayer Devotion and Bible Reading Guide published by Luzon WMU that emphasizes missions with articles and contributions by Filipina writers and Michelle R, Diana C, and Lyn H. Pray that the new Philippine Baptist Women Manual will facilitate beginning new WMU groups in many Baptist churches and strengthen existing groups.

9. Korea:  Join local believers in praying for more than 100 volunteers to serve in the Korean-American Partnership Crusades in some of the most needy areas this Fall.  Plans for this event are underway in celebration of the 100th anniversary of the1907 Revival when the number of Christians doubled in Korea.
10. Philippines:  Pray for new Bible studies to begin in Siyatin, Batangas where several cults are active. Pray that people’s hearts will be open to the Gospel and that seed will fall on good soil. Ask that the cults’ impact in this area will be checked and nullified by the Truth.

11. Korea:   Give praise for this year’s 50th anniversary of Korean Southern Baptist work in the U.S. Since Don and Esther Kim planted a Korean Southern Baptist church in Los Angeles in 1957, the number of such churches in the country has grown exponentially -– from 10 in 1974 to 750 in 2004.

12. Unreached People Group:  Lift up those who are being persecuted for their faith. Ask that they would remain faithful to Him and not fall away while suffering for His sake. Pray for the Father to enable them to endure and overcome in the midst of troubling times. Ask that the hearts of those persecuting would be conquered by His love, grace and mercy and turn to Him in repentance. Pray that His kingdom will advance for His glory and honor.

13. Korea:   Prayerwalking has been a key to opening doors in many closed countries and areas. Koreans are strong intercessors.  A Korean prayerwalking brochure is being developed. Pray that this simple teaching tool will create an awareness of ways they can go to the streets, other cities and countries and make a difference with intercession. Pray that the goal of having this finished and printed by September can be reached

14. Philippines: Praise the Lord for the 43 young people involved in Filipino Nehemiah Teams this past month!  Seven teams shared the Gospel in more than 20 villages.  Thousands of seeds were sown as evangelistic tracts and VCDs were distributed house to house.  More than 200 indicated a decision to follow Christ.  Praise the Lord for the harvest!  Pray for local partners as they continue to follow up in each of these areas.

15. Korea:   Pray for Korean Baptists to be able to witness to world leaders as they gather in Seoul beginning June 4th for the 6th Asian Cooperation Dialogue (ACD) Ministerial Meeting. Top diplomats from 30 Asian nations will gather to strengthen cooperation and address region-wide challenges. The ACD, created in 2002, includes the nations of Russia, Iran and Saudi Arabia as part of this forum. Pray that many of these key national leaders from countries closed to the Gospel will find the Lord Jesus in Seoul as they attend this meeting.

16. Philippines:  Susan S asks that you join her in praying for revival among the churches in Zamboanga City, the primary location of the Chavacano people group. Pray for committed workers to come and work among the people of Zamboanga City.

17. Korea:  Pray for Korean Baptists to be able to use various tent-making opportunities to spread the Gospel in restricted access countries, such as the recent multi-billion dollar UAE deal. A South Korean construction firm said that it signed a preliminary deal to take part in a multibillion-dollar development project in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Pray that many of the workers sent to UAE on these platforms will be believers with a passion to share the Gospel with their co-workers.

18. Philippines:  Exotic Summer Destinations!!  The beautiful islands of Camotes, Dinagat, Siquijor; the rivers of eastern Samar; the mountains of southern Mindanao – these are the destinations of 30 American college students this summer.  Pray for these as they minister among the unreached and hard to reach in these areas.  Pray for their safety in travel, willingness to learn, and boldness in sharing their faith.

19. Korea:  Give thanks for the Korean Global Missions Conference held recently where key leaders, Dr. Rankin and other IMB personnel, the larger Korean-American and South Korean churches, and other Korean Convention leaders, gathered at the International Learning Center to plan a mission vision for reaching lost people groups. Pray that specific plans and goals will be developed and fulfilled in reaching this vision.

20. Philippines:   Volunteer Paul Molina, a college graduate, will be involved with sports ministries Kim North has organized this month. Pray that Paul will have daily opportunities to share his faith as he relates with sports-loving, active Filipino young people.

21. Korea:   Please pray for the church family of Seoul International Baptist Church. Since its beginnings this international congregation has been a mission church with a missionary pastor supplied by the IMB. As the current IMB pastor and his family, Tim and Mari S, prepare for stateside assignment followed by transition to another assignment, the congregation will, for the first time, begin a search for its own pastor fully funded and supported by the congregation. Please pray for the leadership of the church as they select a search committee and present the candidates for affirmation to the church body.

22. Unreached People Group: Ask for wisdom for one who has opened a food-processing factory in a neighboring city. Ask the Provider to send the perfect assistants as the business expands to include producing bread and soymilk for school children in the area.  

23. Korea: In the village of Sancheongpo elderly people meet each day in a senior citizens community center. After a lifetime of hard work, losses and hopelessness without Christ, they have little time left. Pray for the elderly to give their hearts to Jesus and discover the peace only He can give. 

24. Philippines:  Thank the Lord for the nine participants who graduated from the T4T training (Training for Trainers) on Camotes Island.  Camotes has a population of 84,000 with three Southern Baptist churches that share one pastor who is near retirement age.  Each month, Mark S and three men from Cebu have been traveling to Camotes to train nine representatives from these three churches in T4T. So far, the trainees have started 13 Bible studies!  Pray for new churches to grow from these Bible studies. Pray for the Kingdom of God to advance rapidly on Camotes.  Thank God for these faithful disciples of Christ! 

25. Korea:  Buddhists in the village of Samcheongpo pray long and arduous prayers to idols with no power. Give thanks that Pastor Lee and his congregation are living testimonies of God’s faithfulness and power.

26. Philippines:  Bicol is a region on southern Luzon with a population of 4.5 million people spread out over six provinces.  Bicolanos are the largest unreached people group in the Pacific Rim Region.  Pray with the Batangas-Bicol Team as they ask God how He wants them to strategically mobilize His people to reach this region of people who need to know Christ as their personal Savior and Lord.

27. Unreached People Group: Lift up two elderly women who are engaged in a small business venture with neighboring villages.  They desire to share His love with those they meet each day.

28. Korea:  Sue P just returned from her stateside assignment and is refreshed and motivated for the work on Jeju Island. As she settles back into her community and team, pray that new relationships with non-believers will quickly develop and that she will discern where to use her gifts and time.

29. KORP: Petition for workers who have health problems that healing will take place. A number of personnel are facing serious health issues. Ask the Great Physician, in accordance with His will, to heal and comfort them.

30. Korea:  Koreans are concerned with their young people’s high involvement and interest in inappropriate and pornographic material on the internet. As a new code of ethics is promoted and bills are initiated in parliament this year, pray the teenage prostitution in South Korea will decrease. In one of the world’s most wired countries, 70 % of South Koreans use the internet. Pray for protection for Korean youth from destructive influence on their lives and for more positive influences to be gained from the internet.