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Prayer Request from Judy Russell of CLF Philippines

Ask God to lead me to the right people to tell about CLF Philippines who will support us financially and faithfully in prayer. 

Grace Alcazar, 8 years old, in urgent need of heart surgery!  Pray that she will live until the surgery can be done, tentatively scheduled for Aug. 14 th if the needed funds have come in.  Pray that she will NOT need the expensive artificial  valve.  Pray that the doctors will not change the price of the “package.”   Ask also that the Lord will provide funds for Joey, a four year old in remote Eastern Samar, also needing heart surgery.

Ask the Lord us use CLF Philippines in miraculous ways to see at least 112,000 pray to receive Him this year!  

Pray for 3 – 4 film showings per week for CLF’s film evangelists . Ask God to find ways to publicize these ministries.


A miracle provision for the Christian Light House building!

$800/month for 3 Gospel Vans (film evangelism)

$3000/month for the 2 medical teams

At least one new vehicle this year

$810/month for the Child Care Ministry

This could be depressing except the Lord has been answering our prayers for our needs!

Personal needs:

Daughter, Taylor, a single parent with 3 preschoolers, really needs an immediate miracle to keep her house!  Or she needs a less expensive house in the same area, as Patrick’s therapy is there in a nearby public school.


The 25th Anniversary dinner was a joyful success!  Altogether in the ministries before & after, 5162 prayed to receive Jesus, 783 pastors attended various seminars, 1764 students & parents lives were touched with special ministries, 110 kids attended vacation Bible school, there were no typhoons, no one had any trouble with Customs, and MOST planes were on time.   

We have been provided full monthly funding for the Luzon Gospel Van, Jun Mayor’s ministry, from a supporting church! 

Some significant extra contributions have come in to provide for the replacement with a used vehicle of our oldest, most problematic van, the one used for Metro Manila film evangelism.  

Thanks so much for praying for my washing machine!  The Lord sent exactly what was needed with $10 left over within two weeks & the new machine is already in use.   Just in time for the heavy sheets & towels of our anniversary visitors from abroad.


Dear Friends,

Living Springs International will be conducting a four day Tentmaker’s Course in Butuan City using the book edited by Jonathan Lewis “Working Your Way to the Nations.” This course is recommended for intentional “missionary” Tentmakers, but can also be beneficial for Christian OFWs working in a cross-cultural situation overseas.

Schedule: July 30 to Aug 2, 2007, 8:00am to 4:30pm

Cost: Live-in at LSI dorm with all meals, snacks and materials P1,600
          Live-out, lunches, snacks and materials only, P1,000

For reservations or more information please Email me at this address or text me at my cell number below  or call the LSI office at (085) 342-5022.

Dear Friends,

Living Springs International (LSI) has invited Russ Simons, the International Director of Interdev to conduct a Consesus-Based Partnership Training at LSI, Butuan City from June 10 to June 15. The training will begin on the evening of Sunday June 10 with dinner at 6pm. The normal daily schedule for the training will be 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. This training hopes to equip leaders how to form, develop and maintain inter-agency, inter-denominational or inter-organizational partnerships working together for a particular mission or ministry goal.

The cost for the training is P2,000 for those living in at LSI, this includes dorm accomodation and  3 meals and 2 snacks a day. Or, P1,500 for those living out, this includes only lunch and 2 snacks a day. Dorm accomodation at LSI is at present limited, so those intending to live in must reserve space ahead of time.

Only a maximum of 20 people can be accomodated for this training so if you are interested in participating  please reserve a slot as soon as possible by Emailing me (at this address) or texting or calling me (see my cell number below) or calling the LSI office at (085)342-5022.


Ian Calo

Mobile Phone No. +639193555777

Email Address:

(Monthly newsletter of Tentmakers International)

May 2007

  1.  News

  2. Upcoming events

TI International Congress and ConsultationThe 5th TI International Congress will be held From July 9th until July 11th 2007 in Port Dickson, Malaysia. The closing date for registrations is May 10 th. Either online or offline registrations are possible. For online registrations go to The program includes:

Plenary sessions:

  • The global tentmaker – by Derek Christensen (Chairman of Tentmakers International)

  • Unreached peoples – by Kent Parks

  • Mobilizing Tentmakers – by UBF

  • Globalization and Migration – Rajesh Duthie

  • The next generation – by Danny Martin


Business as Mission , Using Sports for Marketplace Witness, Disaster and Crises Relief, Student Movement and Tentmaking, Mobilizing churches for Tentmaking, Discipleship and Tentmaking, Arts and Media, Teaching English, Caring for Tentmakers, Training Tentmakers, Transforming communities, Tentmakers planting churches

 If you need more information contact us at

From Norway to Canada Well attended Tentmaking Courses!
– By Ari Rocklin (Global Opportunities)

I’ve just returned from yet another blessed and well attended TENTmaking course in Bergen Norway. How I wish anyone and everyone involved in tentmaker mobilisation would join us alteast once at our Norway location. Did you know that TENT of Norway owns the building in the historical region of Bergen, right beside the ocean, downtown? The story how they managed to do that is worth hearing, so please join us for a course in the future.

Our next course is in Victoria BC Canada , same teachers, same course outline, different students and guest speakers. We are so excited at how people are joining us for these courses from so many countries and often travelling across many timezones to be with us. It adds color and flavor to our courses. Everyone is welcome.

You need to know we have added an exciting component to our tentmaker training that is already bearing fruit overseas. “Alpha in the Workplace” is custom made for laypeople who have not had much ministry experience before going overseas. You can get good training thru your local Alpha program before leaving, and if you really want to kick it up a notch, you can attend a one day Alpha in the Workplace seminar to learn how to run this at your jobsite. One of our course attendees was asked by his non believing boss in the Mid East if he could run AIW at their place of business! Once he did that, another business owner asked him to run it at his business as well. AIW is simply ALPHA on steroids, compacted to fit into a regular lunch break. Here is the problem. After each course we hear from people who are distressed that they did not hear about the course in time to attend! This is very frustrating for us as well. How can we do a better job of getting word out to the right people? Perhaps you can help? Think of people who are well connected and networked, and send them this information.

For more information on the Victoria Course, please visit the GO website or if you want to go directly to the Victoria Course page

Medical Profession Making a Difference in Togo

Togo‘s most recent statistics show that roughly a third of its population falls below the global poverty line.

Association of Baptists for World Evangelism’s Dr. Michael Gayle says this plays a huge role in their work. Gayle and his wife, Cheryl, serve at the Hopital Baptiste Biblique, a 40-bed acute care hospital in
Kpele Tsiko, Togo.

The medical team sees 2200 patients admitted each year, cases involving general surgery, ob/gyn, and pediatrics, to name a few. The attached medical clinic treats 16,000 out-patients a year, making them the second-busiest hospital in Togo. In fact, their reputation has spread so far that their ministry “footprint” now includes southern Togo, Benin, Ghana, and Burkina Faso.

Hopital Baptiste Biblique is based on missionary support in financial and in physical capital.? It’s one resource they’re finding a bit scarce. “We are down to just one part-time surgeon, one family physician, myself, and a physician’s assistant. We have a pediatrician coming back from furlough later on this year. But we are still in great need of short-term and career general surgeons, OB/GYNS, and primary care physicians.” The staff is also in desperate need of a fulltime hospital administrator. (Taken from Mission News Network)

Feeding the Pigs -Indonesia

Pigs can change the future of an entire community. That’s why Far East Broadcasting Company is showing God’s love by lending pigs to villages.

By loaning them a male and female pig, the village can have a litter of piglets. FEBC just asks that the residents give them back a male and female piglet to give to another needy village. 

One pastor who listens to the YASKI broadcast wrote to FEBC explaining the conditions that his village was living in. Heartline Center, where YASKI is located, responded by sending him money for chickens and pigs. “Now, 2 years later, we live only from the results of raising chickens and pigs, and we have even been able to send our children to school and buy clothes and other necessities,” said the pastor.

This project not only helps get food on the table of struggling families, but it also teaches the villagers how to raise pigs. Besides producing food and income, it also produces a sense of self-sufficiency among the people. (Taken from Mission Network News)

Open Huddle Conferences

OPEN Huddles are conferences organized for practitioners in the Business as Mission and tentmaking fields and we have received information about two to be held this year as follows:

Thailand Bangkok May 24-27

  • Jim Frost an experienced trainer of leaders (including Dick Scoggins), will be teaching on Leading Leaders or Total Leadership.

  • Patrick Lai, small business owner in
    SE Asia will be bringing the devotions, based out of Nehemiah also focused on leadership.

Turkey Open Huddle
Istanbul, November 8-11


  • Dick Scoggins will be teaching on “House Church Planting.”

  • Bill Job, a medium sized business owner in
    China will be bring the devotions  sharing on his experiences of 20 years as a tentmaker.

If you need more information contact us at and we’ll get you in touch with the organizers.


We would like to introduce to you an important free opportunity to make courses more widely known through the Evangelical Training Database. The Evangelical Training Database is a searchable online database at which seeks to give information on evangelical pastoral, theological en missionary training courses in all countries.  

July 9-11, 2007 5th TI Congress, Malaysia . Tentmakers International (TI, formerly TIE ) will hold its 5th Congress in Malaysia, and is open to anyone with an interest in tentmaking. From the 11th – 13th, the TI Consultation for TI associates and experienced tentmakers will be held in the same venue. To register, please contact ticongress(at)gmail(dot)com [As a means of preventing spam for our contributors, in the preceding email address(es), please replace (at) with @ and (dot) with .] or browse to or  

August 16-19, 2007 .The all Africa TI International Conference will be held at the Saint-Augustine Seminary in Bamako, Mali. The conference is designed to develop the tentmaker strategy of evangelism in Africa, and to train lay people to share their faith in the context of their vocations to the unreached peoples within their respective nations. For African registrations in this African Conference contact: Tiowa_Diarra’at’, U.S. contact tie’at’

August 21- 24, 2007 Third Tentmaking Residential Training will be held at Centre Polyvalent de Nyamana, Bamako, Mali. The seminar is designed to equip Tentmakers for Christian testimony in both work and living place. The speakers will be Steinar Opheim, from Norway, Gerson Celeti from Italy and Tiowa Diarra from Mali. If you need more information contact Tiowa_Diarra’at’  

October 29-November 2, 2007 “Give Us The Nations” The 2nd Euronet Missions Conference Brussels, Belgium. Organized and sponsored by the European Filipino Christian Networking Trust. For more information, visit: 

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The Asian School of Development & Cross-cultural Studies invites you to its Sumasdecs2.jpgmer Non-Formal Training Workshops, March – May, 2007, 8am to 5pm 

Dates: Saturdays, March 10 and 17, 2007                  
Workshop Fee: P1,000

Camps and retreats are very strategic ways to provide a transformative environment for people we minister to especially children and    teenagers.  This hands-on workshop will carry participants through a step-by-step process of  planning, designing and actually implementing empowering and facilitative camps and retreats. It also exposes participants  to different camp formats and tools for maximum impact! Learn the  multi-faceted dimensions of camps/retreats and how to provide space to address real needs and interests of  target participants.

Date: March 24, 2007
Workshop Fee: P500

“Meetings ! Meetings! Meetings! … Puro na lang meetings!” Sometimes, it’s a meeting to meeting existence for some of us!  But what makes a great meeting? This workshop introduces you to different creative approaches to facilitate meetings that maximizes the potentials of gathering a group of people in one space in time or in a series of meetings for a specific purpose.  This training exposes you to different approaches and tools to make your meetings generate dynamic participation and move people to inspired action!

Date: March 31, 2007
Workshop Fee: P500   

We live with stress all the time. The challenge is how to creatively manage it. This workshop enables participants to understand how our bodies cope with stress and how we can use massage to relieve it. Learn how to use simple massage techniques and implements to massage yourself and others.  It’s also a great way to build and encourage your team and release tensions at work, at home and at play! Workshop provides massage oil, aromatherapy and soothing herbal tea!   Come with your most comfortable clothes and shoes!

Date: April 28, 2007
Workshop Fee: P500

There are all kinds of projects people find themselves involved in and in different contexts. Handling projects well with efficiency and success can be a challenge.  This workshop takes you through a step-by-step process in management of projects from planning to designing to implementation and to monitoring and evaluation aspects.

Dates: May 3 and 4, 2007
Workshop Fee: P1,000

Disasters  happen left and right. Whether man-made or natural in origin, disasters are realities we have to live and cope with. How can we be more prepared in times of crisis? How can we mobilize teams of staff and volunteers to manage emergency and relief undertakings. This training workshop aims to equip participants with basic frameworks and skills in disaster and risk management.

To Register and for Further Information:
ASDECS office: 376-4862  or
Text/call at 0928-792-1933  
email address: or 

To avail of discounts, participants should pay the workshop fee on/or before:
Monday, March 5, 2007.
Participants can register and pay on the day of the workshop as slots are available.

Hurry!!! Promotional Discounts for Early Birds!
20% off  to the first 10 Registrants to any of the Workshops
10% off to the next 10 Registrants! 


Saturday Seminars

February 3, 2007 “Our Role in Multiplying Disciples” – Church Planting Movements (CPM) made practical

March 3, 2007 “Persecution and Security” – Identity, Communication and Contextualization

May 5, 2007 “Discovering your Ministry Identity” – understanding who you are so God can use you more powerfully in cross-cultural ministry

One-week Seminars

April 9-13, 2007 “Basic Training” (part I) ~ part II to be offered later in the year

June 4-7, 2007 “Planting Churches in the Most Difficult Places”  (see below)

Planting Churches in the Most Difficult Places

Why did the Church in Russia barely survive while the church in China flourished under persecution?

Important cross-cultural ministry principles based on extensive interviews and research

Speaker Dr. Nik Ripken

Topic Include:

  • How Churches can be started and multiply in new, resistant areas

  • Avoiding needless persecution

  • The most effective role of a missionary where persecution is strong

For additional information on any of the above seminars, pls. contact:

CrossTrain: (0917) 613-6844 ~ (02) 434-2832; Email:

JOIN the Worker2Witness cover design contest and get a chance to win P20,000 cash plus have your winning entry printed as the cover of the book!   

Who can join:    

All OFW and non-OFW professional and amateur artists who are born again and belong to an evangelical church.   

Contest rules:    

You can use any medium, and submit by email (tif, jpeg or pdf), in CD or hard copy with complete contact information. Entries must be sized 12 x 9 showing front & back cover. You can submit more than one entry.      

All winning entries become the property of Church Strengthening Ministry (CSM).    

Consolation prizes await the 2nd, 3rd & 4th placers

Deadline of submission of entries: March 15, 2007

Announcement of winners: March 26, 2007

Awarding of winners: April 13, 2007 @ W2W Conference, Manila

For more information, call PMA at (02) 9134469 or email them at 

To All Mission Interested Churches, Individuals and Partners:

Starting this year 2007 ACM-NCR will be having various Mission oriented activities in which we invite you to JOIN and even Pray for. We aim that all of us will be united to prepare and do the will of GOD to Go and make disciples of All NATIONS (Matthew 28:19-20) by sharing our passion and God’s vison with you …



For More Information:  Call our ACM-NCR at 8195389, 8190697 local 40 & 46;